The Complete Guide to Playing Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions has released a new free game called Radical Heights and everyone has been raving already about it. But what really is this game about and how do we play it? If you have tried playing Fortnite before, then Radical Heights will be easy for you. It takes on a similar concept wherein 100 players are dropped on a battlefield and they scavenge for supplies and struggle to be the last survivor by killing other players. It has the 80s themed design for characters and play area which makes it different from other survival games. You just focus on killing other players, getting cash, searching for weapons and not building required.

How to Play?

Getting Started

After opening the application, you must log in and search for Radical Heights. You can click on Play to access the game but note that this is still in early access. For now, you can only play this using your PC.

Similar to the Fortnite, you will be placed first in a staging area while the system waits for more players. A countdown will begin once the system gets the required number of players. After that, you will freefall into the play area. The great thing about Radical Heights is you don’t need to worry about fall damage. The game currently has no feature for building forts and you can just basically jump off to any building.

After getting into the ground, you need to find weapons, gears, ammo, cash, and vehicles. Cash is pretty important in this game because you can buy lots of stuff using this and you can also use some in your next game. You can get cash by punching cash registers and any machines with a dollar sign on top. You can also get this from killing other players. You can start saving cash by depositing in ATMs for next games or in buying cosmetic items. If you are short on cash, you can also withdraw this while you are in the game.

You are given 1 slot for Weapons and 1 for Gears at the start of every game. You can increase this by picking up items with slots for this. You can get weapons and gears by killing other players, by finding prize boxes or by purchasing this from vending machines. You can also collect as many ammo as you want for your weapons. Another great feature of this game is the vehicles. You can easily move to new locations through BMX bikes and you can shoot while riding this.

Radical Heights has a play area that constricts overtime. You need to keep away from the red grids in the map to avoid damage and quickly move out of the areas with yellow grids.

If you are fond of playing Fortnite and PUBG then you should definitely give this game a try.