Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite: Playground LTM

Over the past few weeks, Epic Games has been garnering a lot of attention because of its much-anticipated new mode for Fortnite: Battle Royal. But with all the hype surrounding this, we will explore what Playground mode really is and how do we play it.

What is Fortnite: Playground Mode?

The Playground Limited Time Mode is a new mode addition to Battle Royale which allows their players to explore the map, gather resources and practice building. You often focus on surviving in the actual game mode and you often pay little or no attention at all to your building skills because other players are out there to get you. Thankfully, Playground LTM was released which basically provides you with a training area to enhance your creative side and gives you an opportunity to build and strategize in the actual map.

Through this mode, you get to improve your building skills without any worries of enemies attacking you. Unless, of course, your friends start a friendly fire, but you don’t need to worry since instant respawn is one of the key features of this game.

Getting Started

Once you have accessed the game, it is important to note that it only supports 4 players. You can play for a maximum of 1 hour with the store circling in by the 55th minute. Although you will almost instantly respawn after elimination from a friendly fire, instant death is expected if you are killed by the storm.

Now, let’s move to the good side of this game. Players can expect 100 Llamas scattered across the map and you are guaranteed 100% respawn of all treasure chest and ammo crates. You can also expect am increase generation of the resources. In this mode, your challenge progress and stats are not tracked since the goal of this is to practice your building skills.

Default Keybindings

The playground mode uses the same controls as the Battle Royale. You can use the W, S, A, D buttons to move around in your keyboard or you can use the left joystick for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo switch users. For PC users, you can use the mouse to change your view while console users can use their right joysticks. To jump, you can press the space button or A in your Xbox and X in your PS4. You can also press shift or the left joystick to sprint.

In building, you need to press F1-F5 in your keyboard or B in your Xbox and O in your PS4 to select your building supply type. You can rotate them by pressing R in your keyboard or the right bumper in your console.

How to Build in Fortnite Playground LTM

Your game starts off by jumping from a flying bus and plunging into an island. Before you jump, you can press the M button to check the map and strategize where you want to land. After this, you can immediately focus on collecting the materials you need for building. In the game, you can collect three types of building supplies such as wood, stone, and metal. If you are lucky enough to find a loot or chest box, you can easily get them otherwise, you can use your pickax on any type of structure/building, rocks, trees, and vehicles. You can get up to 999 of the three building supplies. The number of available supplies can be seen in the lower right portion of your screen.

The supplies are used to create walls, floors, ceilings and stairs/ramps. To start building, simply select the building material and press the left mouse button or the right trigger on consoles. You can also easily switch between materials by pressing the right mouse button or the left bumper in consoles. Once you start building, you can edit your structure by pressing G for PC users or B for Xbox and O in PS4. Move the structures in edit mode by using left click or right trigger in consoles and pressing assigned edit buttons for confirmation.

You can now practice building different types of forts or structures with your friends. You can start a building race with them or you can practice escaping your friend’s attacks using your building skills. It is important to note that a building cannot stand without a structure. Once your tower/forts start failing, you can practice falling from high places and breaking the fall by placing platforms.

Continue to enjoy and practice with your friends in this new mode and watch your building skills grow.