Fortnite: Battle Royale – How to Build Your Way to Victory Royale

One of the games that is gaining quite the popularity this 2018 is Fortnite. You have probably played or at least heard about this game. Kids and even adults can’t seem to stop playing it but before we show you some helpful tips on how to play it, we will first understand what this game really is and how it works.

What is Fortnite: Battle Royale?

Battle Royale is a free co-op survival game mode made by Epic Games and built on the foundations of Fortnite. Fortnite was originally developed with the Save the World mode wherein a squad of 4 players joins together to work on protecting the world from zombies. Last year, Epic released another mode (Battle Royale) in which players can work as solo, duo or with 3 friends to battle out with the other players. The main goal of the game is to be the last one standing for the 100 players inside the game.

The game always starts off a player inside a flying bus and traveling on an island. You can view the map and select the location in which you will land. Once you are on the ground, you need to keep yourself alive by scavenging for resources and weapons, killing other players, building forts and avoiding the electric field storm.

Although shooting skills is still invariably the most important skill in surviving the battle, focusing on improving your building skills definitely provides you with an advantage. By building ramps, forts, and towers, you can gain height advantage over your enemies making them easier to spot and eliminate. The structures can also serve as a defense for the attacks of your enemies. So, how do you enhance your building skills? Let’s find out below.

Tips in Building on Battle Royale

Adjust your Building Key binds

The default key binds assigned to your keyboard can be hard to reach making it difficult for players to build forts faster. You can adjust this at the start of the game to suit your gaming style or you can use controllers to easily build and move in the game.

Be Familiar with your Materials and Building Type

The game offers 3 basic materials for building namely wood, metal and stone. You can get this from loots/treasure chests, from dead players or simply using the pickax to gather this from basically any structures. You can use the wood as stairs to reach hidden locations, but it is not durable in withstanding attacks. The most preferable material to use in your fort is metal because of its durability but unlike woods and stones, metal is not as easy to find in the game.

For building types, you need to ensure that you have selected and save ramp as your default to allow you to easily switch between building and combat mode. Ramps serve a dual purpose to help you get to higher places and at the same time defend you from attacks.

Ensure the You Have Enough Materials

The worst scenario that you could possibly encounter in building for Battle Royale is to run out of materials especially when you need it during an enemy attack. The game allows you to save as much as 99 pieces of building material. At the start of the game, you can gather wood since it is the most abundant material in the game. Later on, you can collect other material to help build a secured fort.

Continue to Practice Building

You can only get better in building if you practice it. There are currently many available methods to do this, you can practice while inside the game or you can try simulators like JustBuild and the playground LTM mode of Battle Royale. By practicing, you get to learn how to build a strong fort for defense and you get to see the benefits and advantage that it can provide.

Watch out for Fall Damage

Falling from very high places can result in damage or even death of players. To save you from the embarrassment of dying from this, keep in mind that you will incur damage if the fall is above 2 level high. If you need to build ramps above others, you can practice building ramps to break your fall.