Improve Your Building Skills With JustBuild

For games with building systems such as Fortnite, players definitely need to practice their building skills to be successful. If you are a beginner or just someone who wants to practice building, playing Fortnite directly may not be the best option for this. You need a practicing ground wherein you are not constantly being interrupted by enemies or restrained by limited materials. The JustBuild game may exactly be the right solution for this.

JustBuild is a game that helps players enhance their building skills by allowing them to build the basic structures such as walls, floors, and ramps. This simulation game created by Lior Alterman does not only focuses on building but also lets players practice their shooting. The updated version provides 6 weapon options to choose from.

Getting Started

Once you launch the game, you can already customize the display and the game controls. You can choose to play using your keyboard, mouse or a PS4/Xbox controller but you still need to download the PC version of the game before you can bind the controls to your mouse. When using a controller, it needs to be connected in the PC through a data transfer cable before the setting is activated.

Default Keybindings

You can navigate through the game by using your keyboard and mouse. The W, S, A, D buttons basically control your movements. You can press “w” in your keyboard to move forward, “s” to move backward, “a” to move to your left and “d” to move to the right. You can also select walls by pressing the F1 button while “F2” selects floors and “F3” can select ramps as your building type. One very important tip to help you build faster is to change these default key binds to keys that would suit your gaming style. To do this, you can press escape in your keyboard and choose keys from the menu.

Other keyboard controls that might help you in building is the “space” button which is used for jumping, the left “shift” key used for sprinting and the left “ctrl” key for crouching. In the latest version, you can press numbers 1-6 to choose your weapon for practice shooting. Available weapons vary from ax, guns, and missiles.

You can also use the mouse to control your view in the game. You can point the mouse in the direction in which you want to build or shoot.

Building Your Game

To start building, you need to first choose your building type and then press the left mouse button to apply this. Sometimes you may feel that you are stuck in whatever you are building, this is where the “m” button comes in handy. By pressing this, you can destroy nearby buildings. Another tricky thing to build is the ramp or stairs because here you can use the “r” key to rotate this.

You can also easily shift between building to shooting by pressing the “q” button. Select your weapon type and press the left mouse button for the shot. In addition, you can use the right mouse button for aiming. One good exercise that players can do here is practice alternating shooting by hiding in one of the walls that you built.

JustBuild offers its players the opportunity to build without any limits. You don’t have to spend hours collecting your materials by cutting woods. In Justbuild, you can easily build your way in becoming one of the top players.